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When I design and fabricate my jewelry, I keep quality, comfort and creativity a priority. My jewelry is very versatile; it can be worn every day with casual attire, or for special occasions, and I offer a full line so it is easy for you to collect sets.

All the work on this site is available only through my galleries. If you live near one of the galleries please give them a visit. I would not be in business without their support, so please support them.


Visit my care & cleaning page for hints on keeping your jewelry looking like new.

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solar panels

Our studio is now solar powered!

Thanks to Kris Roscoe and Solar Terrain, LLC


In 2002, after 20 years as a partner at Tinsman Bros. Lumber, I left to help with Sherry’s growing business. I do all the bookkeeping, shipping, and along with Kaya, all of the graphic design. When not sitting at the computer, I’m in charge of polishing the jewelry and being the chief maintenance officer.
In my spare time, my interests have included making biodiesel from used vegetable oil,  brewing beer in the basement, Occasional cheese making, and mostly playing around with old British Cars. I have four. Two work.


I am the daughter of Sherry and Dan and I am happy to have joined the family business. I Graduated from Pratt Institute with a major in Painting and a minor in Art History.

Such a positive, joyful, and artistic work environment allows me the energy and personal motivation to paint, draw, and craft in my spare time. Currently I am working on an ongoing illustration project, occasional comissioned pet portraits and making seed bead earrings.


I love my job! Sherry, Dan, and Kaya are such amazing people and are a pleasure to work with. I play banjo and sing in a band called the Great Afternoon, and I have a beautiful and artistic 13 year old daughter and a new baby boy. My family and my music are my passions.

14st 709
14st 679
14st 685 Amethyst
4st 9w
5st 143
Studio Dogs


CRICKET is a crazy silly rescue poodle. Nobody gives better hugs than Crickety. He's the clown of the studio and would do ANYTHING for you if you'll just throw the ball one... more... time....

ROTHKO BEANS is Kaya's puppy and comes to work with her every day. He is happy to let Po and Cricket teach him the ropes of the studio- Uncle Cricket and Beans run around for hours and Uncle Po teaches Beans how to chew sticks properly. Rothko Beans loves everyone, and everyone loves Rothko Beans (at least according to him).

POPOVA (Po for short) Po is the most experienced cockapoo of all the studio pups. He's the first up the stairs in the morning and the last to leave in the afternoon. Nothing beats a car ride so he's happy to help with keeping Dan company to the post office, bank, etc.


PETUNIA (Tuna for short)


For 27 years I have worked as a jeweler out of my beautiful studio perched above the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This setting allows me to interact with the poetry of the natural world, to translate its forms into jewelry so that the wearer can carry this beauty with her wherever she may travel. My work is also inspired by architectural relics of my heritage, and recalling my youth growing up in England has had a great influence on my designs. In Sterling Silver, with 14K Yellow or Rose Gold accents, I meld natural and ancient elements, soldering a connection between the Earth and humanity. For a touch of whimsy, pearls or semi-precious stones and their inherent properties are sometimes set into my pieces.


All of my jewelry is handmade in my studio, with help from my husband Danny and two talented artisans, Kaya and Christina. They are essential for the production of my designs. My business would not be possible without the assistance of these creative and resourceful people.


I remain involved throughout the creation of each piece, and, if need be, select and set stones accordingly. Instead of drawing my designs on paper, I draw with my torch, freeing myself to explore and test the boundaries of the silver itself. My designs are sometimes years in the making as I experiment with the elements along the way.


Cricket, Rothko, Popova, Cedar, and Petuia.
100% Handcrafted in Lumberville, PA
care & cleaning.









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