About Us – Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith

About Us

Sherry Tinsman

I have been a jeweler since the late 80’s and had the pleasure of working out of my beautiful studio on the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for many wonderful years. The river valley along with its stones and trees with vines, has acted as a deep source of inspiration, allowing me to interact with nature and enjoy all it has to offer. 

At the end of 2020 Danny and I decided to uproot ourselves from Lumberville and head a little farther north in Bucks County to the aptly named Silverdale! We share the property with both of our daughters, their families, and a whole slew of adorable critters! We have been working tirelessly over the past two years to convert the farms barn into studio space for Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith and all of our collective businesses and hobbies. I was so in love with the river valley that I never expected to love this little farm property as much as I do.  We see so much more of the sky now, and I’ve loved getting to know all the trees and plants growing here.  

Originally from England, my heritage fashions the distinctive patterns and shapes that characterize my work. Natural elements of the earth and relics of ancient architecture inspire my designs. I hand fabricate my pieces using sterling silver, sometimes with 14k yellow or rose gold accents. To add a whimsical elegance, I occasionally utilize semi-precious stones or pearls.  Instead of drawing my designs on paper, I draw with my torch, freeing myself to explore and test the boundaries of the silver itself. My designs are sometimes years in the making as I experiment with the elements along the way.

When I’m not making jewelry, I love-love-love going for walks with Danny and our pups Freddie and Fluffy, playing word games (like Words with Friends and Wordle), and practicing my double dutch jumping! IF ANYONE IN BUCKS COUNTY WOULD BE INTERESTED IN STARTING A DOUBLE DUTCH CLUB———LET ME KNOW!!

Daniel Tinsman

At Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith I do the bookkeeping, shipping of orders and just about anything else that needs to be done! When I’m not working for Sherry… I’m RETIRED! Which has opened up my schedule for mowing, car clubs, seeing live music, and cooking. Once we’re finished renovating the barn I’ll have a nice garage space to get to work on my old British cars! Currently I have four. Two work. 

Kaya Tinsman

I Graduated from Pratt Institute with a major in Painting and a minor in Art History back in 2007 and then started my own business in 2014 - Little Gypsy Bones.  Not unlike my mom I’m endlessly inspired by the nature that surrounds me.  I spend my time admiring and educating myself about local flora and fauna, creating artwork to honor their existence through many mediums. I make sterling silver jewelry created from castings of found animal bones to wear as totems, floral & bone embroideries with the intention similar to that of leaving flowers at a grave, and drawings and paintings of animals and plants as a reminder of their presence. 

When I’m not working I like hangin’ with my guy (Dan C.) and my doggies (Zorra & Halcyon), gardening, and cooking.  We just recently bought an 89’ Chevy G20 conversion van that we can’t wait to revamp and take on the road for adventures with our pups.



Emeline Tinsman

In addition to being a part of the Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith crew, my husband, Cody, and I run a full service interior design & renovation company, Armitage Interiors. Since graduating from Philadelphia University with my B.S. in Interior design, I have plied my creative vision in the fields of furniture and cabinetry design, sustainable design, and residential interiors. I love walking into a home and envisioning how to make the space not only more functional for my clients individual needs, but also how to bring a purposeful classic beauty that matches the style of the home. 

When I’m not working I love nothing more than to spend time with my family.  Cody and I have a 5yr old son named Oscar, who just started Kindergarten! We also have two dogs (Petunia and Greta), two cats (Pepper and Willow) and a bearded dragon named Ice Cream Sundae. 


Oscar Tinsman-Jones

Our newest employee! Oscar joined the crew only 3 weeks after he was born in April of 2018. He is such an unbelievably hard worker. He keeps us all entertained and just a little bit distracted :)