Sherry's Granola Recipe – Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith

Sherry's Granola Recipe

1 lb Unsalted Raw Cashew

1 lb Raw Sliced Almonds

2 lb Raw Pumpkin Seeds

1 lb Raw Sesame Seeds

2 lbs Oats

1 lb Medjol Dates - cut into small pieces (the ones with pits are better because they are moister)

1 c Maple Syrup


Roast the pumpkin seeds in a cast iron skilled (no oil) over medium heat. Keep turning them until they start to brown. Add the sesame seeds. When they are all nicely browned, scoop them out into a large bowl. 

While you are roasting the seeds, cut the dates into small pieces and put into a microwave safe bowl. Be mindful to carefully remove the pits. A surprise pit is not fun while eating! Microwave the dates until hot. This softens them which is what you want because you add them to the sesame and pumpkin seeds. Smush them into the seeds so they all clump together.

Roast the almonds and cashews in the same pan. They brown quickly! When browned scoop them out into the large bowl with the dates and seeds. 

Put the oats in the same cast iron (still no oil) and roast until lightly browned (about 5 minutes) and then add the maple syrup. Mix well and cook for 5 more minutes (at the most). Remove and mix into bowl with seeds, dates & nuts. 

I then divide the granola into glass Tupperware containers and store in the freezer. This causes the gooey dates to get chewy, clumpy and perfect!!!! It also keeps my milk cold while I eat!


  I love you granola!