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Sherry Tinsman’s Fourth Annual Family Holiday Show is Approaching!

Sherry Tinsman and her family are very excited to be hosting their Gathering of Family Art Holiday Show! Our fourth annual holiday show will be held on December 6th-8th at Stacks Co. in Doylestown. They have a festive collection of artisan-made rings, dogwood necklaces, and earrings that they are excited to share this holiday season!   Along with select pieces from Sherry Tinsman’s collection, her family members will also have their own creations on display at the show: Little Gypsy Bones - Sherry’s daughter, Kaya Tinsman, is the owner of this artisan company. She is proud to have pieces from...

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3 Holiday Jewelry Trends You’ll See This Season

As the holidays get closer by the day, everyone is planning exactly what they’re going to serve, show off, and wear this season! Rich textures (like velvets and satins) will be trendy throughout December—but what jewelry will we see our most stylish friends wearing this year? Let’s take a look at three of the most popular jewelry trends you’ll see this holiday season. Consider picking up a piece or two to gift—or just a few for yourself! New pearls. The classic pearl necklace and post earrings will always hold a special place when it comes to classic holiday elegance. However,...

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Sherry Tinsman Recognizes Feedback from Her Supportive Customers

Sherry cannot begin to thank you all enough for the overwhelming support and positive feedback she has received on her work. Every piece of handcrafted artisan jewelry is designed to create something with sentimental value that people will cherish forever. 

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Check Out Our Upcoming Promotions

A piece of jewelry from Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith makes the ideal gift for any occasion, and the perfect time to make a purchase is during one of our upcoming time-limited deals. Whether you want a gorgeous pair of earrings, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a hair accessory, scatter pins, or a whole jewelry set comprised of more than one of these items, you can find the jewelry of your dreams, made by the expert hands of Sherry Tinsman. Here are some of the promotions we’ll be featuring later this year: September 13th-20th: 30th Anniversary and 65th Birthday...

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An Interesting Insight into the World of Handcrafted Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is better than factory-made because every piece is unique in its own way. The love and careful effort that goes into each piece is what makes handcrafted jewelry such a sought after fashion accessory. Continue reading to gain valuable insight into the culture of handcrafted jewelry, and to learn why down-to-earth people outshine big corporations in terms of both quality and customer care.

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