An Interesting Insight into the World of Handcrafted Jewelry – Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith

An Interesting Insight into the World of Handcrafted Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is better than factory-made because every piece is unique in its own way. The love and careful effort that goes into each piece is what makes handcrafted jewelry such a sought after fashion accessory. Continue reading to gain valuable insight into the culture of handcrafted jewelry, and to learn why down-to-earth people outshine big corporations in terms of both quality and customer care.

Real People, Not Corporations

Investing in handmade jewelry pieces allows you to form a bond with the person who created them because you can speak with the artist directly, and you know who you’re supporting. That’s something you just can’t get from a big corporation. Moreover, jewelry has a more sentimental feel when you know nobody else has an identical piece, and that it wasn’t produced in a factory alongside a million indistinguishable copies.

Love in Every Piece

When you have personable people producing your jewelry, you can be sure that they love what they do. You will be able to feel that love the instant you wear their work. Machines are incapable of feeling love, and they have no compassion, so it’s impossible to get pieces made with love from a corporation that mass produces its jewelry. The observable affection that goes into handcrafted jewelry is one of the big reasons why it is so sought after.

The Creation Process

Metalsmiths who are genuinely passionate about what they do take as long as they need to when creating jewelry. They consider their work to be works of art, and they truly take pride in each of their designs. When Sherry Tinsman is crafting jewelry, she draws with her torch, rather than preemptively sketching detailed blueprints, and allows the silver to dictate the piece that it is meant to become. Her work comes to life when she is playing with the metal, and you can tell by looking at her collections.

Jewelry that Becomes a Part of You

Creative independent jewelers who treat each of their pieces like unique works of art know how to craft accessories that will sustain their grace for years to come. When you find that one piece that feels like it was made just for you, it truly becomes a part of you. Think about somebody you know who always wears the same distinctive ring, necklace, bracelet, etc. When you see them without it, don’t they almost look naked?

Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith produces jewelry that becomes a part of you because the Tinsman family embodies the rich, grounded culture of handcrafted jewelry.

Check out some of our collections to see for yourself!

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