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3 Holiday Jewelry Trends You’ll See This Season

As the holidays get closer by the day, everyone is planning exactly what they’re going to serve, show off, and wear this season! Rich textures (like velvets and satins) will be trendy throughout December—but what jewelry will we see our most stylish friends wearing this year? Let’s take a look at three of the most popular jewelry trends you’ll see this holiday season. Consider picking up a piece or two to gift—or just a few for yourself!

  • New pearls. The classic pearl necklace and post earrings will always hold a special place when it comes to classic holiday elegance. However, this season, you may see a number of new and exciting pearl pieces worn by your most fashion-forward friends and family members. From pearl drop earrings to delicate freshwater pearl bracelets, the 2019 holiday season will take pearls in a new and exciting direction.
  • Heart-shaped jewelry. One of the biggest themes of the holiday season is love and spending time with loved ones, and what better symbol of that than a heart? From heart-shaped pins to pendants on a necklace, everyone will be looking to have their hearts on display this holiday season. It could also be a great gift for a loved one - especially with engagement season starting up this time of year!
  • Handmade holiday pieces. There’s nothing quite as special as a 100% handmade piece of jewelry. This winter season, you can expect handmade jewelry to take a festive turn with classic holiday designs. Looking to get in on the fun for yourself? Pick up a pair of Sherry Tinsman’s handmade silver earrings or pendant in the holly leaf design—complete with garnet “berries” to finish off your dazzling look!

Are you looking for a unique and festive piece to show your holiday spirit? Sherry Tinsman’s handmade sterling silver bracelets, earrings, and hair accessories add a unique twist to any outfit. Our complete selection of gorgeous, gift-ready pieces online will be sure to put you in the holiday mood this season. If you are interested in adding any of our handmade jewelry from our collection to your winter wardrobe, or are looking for the perfect holiday gift, contact us today!

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