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Enjoying the June Gemstone: Handmade Pearl Jewelry

The birthstone for June is the pearl, and we at Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith want to celebrate this month’s beautiful birthstone with some of our gorgeous pearl jewelry. Pearls have been one of the most precious and coveted gemstones in the world for centuries due to their beauty and rarity in the natural world. In fact, pearls are the only gemstone created by living organisms, which adds to their appeal and demand in the jewelry marketplace. Due to the scarcity of natural pearls and the high demand for these gemstones, some people may opt for imitation pearls; but, there can be no real comparison between polished beads and pearls plucked from the sea.

At Sherry Tinsman Metalsmith, we only deal in pearls made in nature and provide our customers with only the best quality pearl jewelry. Below are a few of our favorite pearl creations - take a look at our featured products and order your handmade jewelry today!

Sterling Silver Pearl S. Buck Pearl Bracelet with Wrapped Vine Sides


This beautiful 7.5” sterling silver bracelet features a ring of stamped lotus flowers surrounding a luminous natural pearl. Because the pearls we use are 100 percent natural, no two stones and bracelets are alike. As an added feature, the bracelet’s back is tagged with "Pearl S. Buck - Humanitarian - Author - Activist," because 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet are donated to Pearl S. Buck International (www.psbi.org).

Sterling Silver Pearl Flower Pendant with Rose Gold Accent


Delicate sterling silver flower petals encircle a natural pearl with a 14-karat rose gold ball along the bezel on this gorgeous 2” statement pendant. The rose gold ball adds a subtle accent of color that emphasizes the luster of the pearl. Each pendant is handmade, and each pearl is natural, making this piece a unique and elegant addition to your collection.

Rose Marie Ring - Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Ring with Rose Gold Ball



If you want the beauty and craftsmanship of the Pearl Flower Pendant above, but you want to wear it on your hand, the Rose Marie Ring is the perfect piece for you. Each ring features a natural freshwater pearl surrounded by a sterling silver vine bezel accented with a 14-karat rose gold ball. This ring has a whimsical personality and can be made in most sizes.

Sterling Silver Pearl Drop Earrings


These earrings come in a variety of colors (white, black, lavender, peach, cream, etc.), which celebrates the uniqueness of these gemstones more so than many other products on the market! The colors occur naturally in freshwater pearls, making each piece different. The stones are set in a sterling silver bezel and hang from sterling ear wires.

 In June, the sun shines brightly, making it the perfect time to wear a gemstone that reflects and shows its natural luminescence. Pearls are timeless and are appropriate to wear for any occasion. For more information on our pearl jewelry options, please feel free to peruse our selection of handmade items and fill out a contact form today!

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